About Me

I love playing different musical genres on the violin. Each genre has its own flavour, different technical challenges and its own unique vibe. Over the years I have tried to marinate myself in as many different musical settings as possible, because I love to experience the variety and to learn new things.

I started to attend classical violin lessons at age six, and was from an early age immersed in Finland-Swedish folk music, thanks to my dad being a skilled fiddler. My childhood was also marked by my interest in video games, which introduced me to the music of Nobuo Uematsu, from which my love for progressive rock emerged. Over the years I have played all kinds of music ranging from classical to heavy metal, country, blues, pop, folk and gypsy jazz. I also have a strong background in theatre music. 

I've always been intrigued by all the possibilities of violin as an instrument. The sheer amount of genres you can access with an acoustic violin is already quite astounding, and when you electrify it, the sky is the limit.

My studies at the Sibelius Academy have provided me with a solid knowledge of classical voice leading, harmony and musical theory, which I don't hesitate to utilise when writing arrangements for newer genres. During the late 2010s I have written and played live string arrangements for rock tours and recording sessions.

When I teach, I always try to make sure, that that the lessons are in line with the vision that the student has of what their violin practise should consist of, and helps them move towards their goals. The repertoire is always tailored and chosen collaboratively. I encourage improvisation, but since violin is a technically demanding instrument, I also tend to emphasise solid technique. The most important thing is that playing the violin is enjoyable and rewarding. What do you want to learn how to play? 

Apart from playing the violin, one of my passions is creating music, whether it be in the form of songwriting, composition or sound design.

lotta.ahlbeck (at) gmail.com